• A Clean Sweep

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    As you may know, clearing Chimney Stacks can present myriad  Sweeping Issues. Nesting poses particular problems, as living where we do, in such 

    'Breathtaking Countryside' nature holds the upper upper hand. In effect  there are certain times when I'm not allowed to disrupt homes within chimneys. 

    I respect these rules as a countryside lover myself. 

    Special Summer Sweep

    Contrary to public perception, July & August are the prime times to have your chimney swept. Condensation can lead to 

    Autumnal and Winter problems. I use high specification 'Rodtech' equipment  to conduct one hour 'Power Sweeps' to ensure your chimney is 'Element Prepared', for the potential & unpredictable inclement weather that Cumbria (more than any other county) conjures up.

    With this in mind, I operate a Summer Special 'Power Sweep' service Specifically to help prevent the problems a hard winter can cause.

    Please call all me on 07763 145594 and I'll organise this for you. 

    ' Lucky Chimney Sweep Wedding Service'

    Legend has it that King George 11, who's life was saved by a Chimney Sweep, invented the 'Lucky Aura' around my chosen profession.  I do get asked to appear at Weddings to add to the "Special  Occasion' , so YES, my wife OR I (she's also a Sweep) can appear for you in our regalia. 

    The cost is just £150 for two hours, slightly more if it's beyond a 20m radius. We're told that it adds a touch more colour and fun to such a wonderful day. Photographers love it. 

    What my clients say

    "Thanks to  ABC Chimney Sweep for making such a good job. No mess, No fuss and a very quick & professional  job"

    Mrs. V. McElhone.

    Bowness On Windermere

    About Me

    Welcome to my ABCChimneySweep Website. Please allow  me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Backhouse, I'm based in the very heartbeat of The South Lakes, in Windermere. I wasn't around when George Smart invented the first mechanical sweeper in 1803, (yes, it's true) BUT I am very firmly established here in Cumbra in one of the oldest, existing traditions. My experience stretches back many years. 

    Twenty Six years to be precise, including a lengthy apprenticeship.

    The business has changed markedly down the years to where we are at now. 

    I pride myself on my professionalism and reliability. After all, I'm working in people's homes, many of which require a degree of high level workmanship. 

    Each and every one unique in it's own way, from Listed Buildings to Stunning Thatched Roof Cottages, and from Old Styled Houses to Licensed Premises the length and breadth of our wondrous county.

    The Tradition

    King George 11 knew a bit about Chimney Sweeps in the 17th Century. Legend has it old Georgie Boy was out riding his horse, when a big dog came into his path and petrified the poor King's  hack. Of all the many people in the street, only ONE came to his rescue, YES you've guessed it!! Our HERO in black appeared  from nowhere and saved the stricken monarch. Much Applause.

    The King then declared (cos that's what King's do) that Chimney Sweeps were lucky. So much so that myself and other nationwide colleagues are in demand for weddings, much to my wife's chagrin 😂 

    Contact Me

    How To Contact Me

    It's very easy to contact me, call

         ☎️ 07763 145594

               OR 015394  45117

    Unless I'm up a Chimney (where to be fair the reception isn't great) I'll always answer as soon a small ossicles OR call you✅Straight